Brauerei Hennemann


Photo by Jason Watts

Brauerei Hennemann On or near a bike bath

Nr. 33
Sambach 96178
Small Brewery (less than 1000 hl/year)

 0 95 02 43 07

Also closed Wednesday, January to March.

Opening Times

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Comment from Nick B. on 2006-05-07 03:11:49

 Diese Brauerei war in meinem Hinterkopf seit letztem Winter, weil ich der Weihnachtsbock probieren wollte. Endlich war ich da, an einem warmen, rühigen Nachmittag am Anfang Mai. Es gab natürlich keinen Bock, aber das Zwickel- und Lagerbier waren keine Enttäuschungen. Das Lagerbier ist besonderes zu empfehlen--es ist ein von den malzigsten Lagerbieren, die ich noch hier in Franken gefunden habe! Bernstein in Farbe, das Lagerbier wird im Glaskrug serviert; schade das ich kein Foto davon machte, weil es einfach wunderschön ist. Hoffentlich machen die untenstehende Fotos einen Eindruck der Gemütlichkeit des Lokals: junge Hopfen und ein Holzwagen ziehender Farmtraktor... [[[paragraph]]] This brewery was in the back of my mind since last winter, because I wanted to try the Weihnachtsbock. Finally I was there, on a warm, quiet afternoon at the beginning of May. There was of course no Bock, but the Zwickel- and Lagerbier were no disappointments. The Lagerbier is especially recommendable--it's one of the maltiest Lagerbiers that I've yet found here in Franken! Amber in color, the Lagerbier is served in a Glaskrug; too bad I took no photo of it, because it's simply beautiful. Hopefully the photos below give an impression of the atmosphere of the place: young hops and a farm tractor towing a wagon of wood...

Comment from Martin T. on 2006-06-17 10:26:31

 Another typical Franconian countryside brewery, situated in the village center (it’s a tiny village anyway), right next to the church. You’d be quite unlucky if you didn’t see an olden tractor bark by when you are sitting there for a beer or three. Their 2 beers, Zwicklbier and Lagerbier, are remarkably similar, but moreover very tasty and rich, focused on scrumptious malt extraction. They also have a drinks shop behind the brewery, with some soft drinks, their own beers, and the Rittmayer Weissbier. If you feel like getting more beer when you’re here, just head in any direction and you’ll hit another brewery before 3 kilometers. Such is the wonder of Franconia!

Zwicklbier (tap and bottled review):
-A coulis of maple syrup garnishes the full yet discreet sweet malt aroma.
-Creamy foam lays upon the glowing russet.
-A luscious body galantly develops caramel malt and toastiness.
-This is quite simply all about the malt’s here, beautifully extracted malts.
-The supporting hop bitterness is sequenced perfectly.
-Could this be an unbunged version of their Lagerbier? Or a younger version? They are so alike!

Lagerbier (tap review):
-An exact russet colour replica of their Zwicklbier, with the same creamy head.
-Crème brûlée dances for the nose, alongside some candied berries.
-Hay-like dryness and grassy hops both rise smoothly in the finish.
-Caramel malts and toastiness are gorgeously brought forth.
-This is ridiculously similar to the Zwicklbier, in all aspects! Maybe this is simply a longer-lagered version of the first? Still, someone from the brewery confirmed to us that they were both different recipes...Hmmmm.

Comment from on 2006-06-25 10:32:49

 The Site is excellent..!! Wish you all the best..

Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2006-10-26 13:38:30

 I found the Zwickel quite disappointing because of the lack of aroma, wherelse the lager was very tasty with a distinctive maltiness (caramel, butterscotch...). But it also seemed to be a very light beer. Nice anyway.

Comment from Jan-Erik svensson on 2007-11-10 04:51:22

 Pleasant rural brewery. The brownish lager is soft, malty and sweetish with caramel but very little hops to balance. Anyway a very pleasant beer. The Zwickel is more phenolic and harsh.

Comment from Jan-Erik svensson on 2007-11-10 04:51:22

 Pleasant rural brewery. The brownish lager is soft, malty and sweetish with caramel but very little hops to balance. Anyway a very pleasant beer. The Zwickel is more phenolic and harsh.

Comment from Barry on 2017-06-16 06:37:26

 After Aisch, another quick visit with Nick (3/6/17); really nice location for beer garden in shadow of church. Interesting lagerbier, quite malty, not so hoppy but well drinkable. Nick had a seasonal beer, something Gold. Had a sip, very rereshing.

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